Humpty Dumpty LED Cards

So it’s panto time again, with it brings a magnitude of lighting rarely scene on other shows. With a lighting rig of more than 40 moving lights designed by Pete Watts of Live LX, there is always lots to do. This year, the Pros. Arch was covered in 10 giant playing cards, a major theme throughout the show.

Below is the demo video for these 10 cards, all of which are DMX controlled using the venues ETC Ion.

As you can see, the two bottom cards aren’t working. This was unfortunately due to us waiting for the parts required to make the controllers break out box to be delivered. The system uses three DMX RGB controllers. Each set of RGB data is output at the full 12 volts through 4 pin cable to a break out box. These breakout boxes are behind the cards and use three two-pole speaker terminals. Each one of the connectors output one of the RGB channels.

The cards all feature a single RGB LED strip around the edge of the card. This is hidden by a lip on the card, the light reflecting of the white background of the card. These required one breakout each meaning that in total, 10 breakout boxes were used for the card edges. Each of the cards features number of symbols, for example the bottom left card (Stage Right) feature 5 heart shaped symbols. These symbols use a single colour LED strip, the red suits feature Red LED’s, the black suits feature White LEDS. In total there were 34 symbols each requiring it’s own channel. For simplicity, 12 breakout boxes were used. These left two extra channels in the centre of the Pros. Arch.

The system also allowed us to use a LED strip as a moon box. The backdrop that can be seen in the video features a small moon above the lake. This is now been lit by a simple box hung directly behind with White LED around the edge and a tin foil backing. This lights the moon up giving a fantastic effect during a dark scene in the show.

Server Change

The website is now running on the new dedicated server, however in the process of migrating, much of the old content has been lost. From this point on the site will take a more lighting related post schedule. Featuring a heavy theatre based look at lighting technology.

Look out for the new posts to come soon.